PKA Family Guide

Pequawket Kids After School Program  


The PKA After School program staff is committed to working with MSAD #72 parents and youth to provide quality enrichment after school programing to enhance students' education beyond traditional school hours. We strive to provide a diverse selection of activities to participating youth and families, including art and culture, recreation, literacy, educational support and other assistance services.


When school is closed, or dismissed early due to inclement weather, there will be no PKA.


PKA will have extended program hours on early release days, but your child must be registered to attend Wednesdays to attend.


When your child experiences a problem, please let us know as soon as possible. If we notice that your child is having difficulties, we will bring this to your attention. Working together, we can give your child the best possible care. Please communicate with us often in person, by e-mail, or by phone. Written communications may be sent through your school’s office to be forwarded to the PKA staff.


Only a parent/guardian or person authorized by a parent in writing or email sign out children from PKA programs. Changes in persons authorized to pick up a student must be indicated and dated on the form. People picking up a child should expect to be asked to show a photo ID. A parent/guardian or authorized person must come inside the school and sign each child out.


If your child will be attending school, but will not attend PKA in the afternoon as scheduled, please  send in a written note to your school’s office before 11:00 a.m. This will ensure that your child will be sent home on their regular bus or be available at your school for pick up as you request. Failure will mean that your child will be sent to PKA where you may pick them up. There is no refund for student absences.


PKA will daily provide a nutritious snack. Please do not send snacks from home because of allergies and the effect on other children.


PKA staff help children with homework. No child will be forced to complete assignments. We will inform you of any problems that make this difficult.


Please have your child wear or bring appropriate clothes for outdoor activity. Sneakers are required for play in the gym. Please make sure your child’s name is on clothing.


Toys and money should not be brought to PKA. Such items can be lost, damaged or become disruptive. The PKA is not responsible for stolen, lost, or broken items.


For your child’s safety, parents should make any emergency medications (i.e. inhaler or epipen) available to PKA at Molly Ockett.


PKA is a part of MSAD #72, and all the rules and regulations set forth for the school day will still apply to students and staff at the after school program. We encourage positive behavior through careful supervision and cooperation. All rules are explained to children; children are expected to adhere to them. Children have a chance to talk with a staff member about their behavior. When ready, children rejoin activities in a graceful manner. We respond positively to appropriate behavior and encourage children to verbalize feelings. Participants need to show respect for the health and safety of others and themselves, for public property, the school facility, and for the authority of those who are responsible for enforcing rules and regulations.

PKA ends at 5:30 p.m.
PKA charges a late pick up fee of $20 if you arrive after the 5:30 program end time.
This $20 fee applies to the first 1 to 15 minutes you are late and an additional $20.00 fee is charged for every 15 minute interval thereafter.
This strict policy is in place for the safety of staff and children, and is to cover any of the district's overtime expenses  late pick up incurs.
All late charges are to be paid in full before your child returns to PKA.
If you are late for pick up three times in one school year, then you will be asked to leave the PKA program. There is no resulting refund for program fees.


If a behavior problem persists, parents/guardians are asked to work with PKA to help the child.

If a student exhibits behavior which is dangerous, disruptive or violent, parents or guardians may be called upon to come to the school to remove the child.

If the situation warrants, the program coordinator confers with the principal. A child may be suspended from the program for a minimum of one day or for up to the remainder of the session or even the school year.

Payment is not refunded for suspension or termination.

Reasons for termination from the program include:

* Chronically late pick-up without adequate attempt to correct the problem.

* Abusive language and/or actions by a student or parent/guardian. This includes emotional, verbal, or nonverbal abuse used to belittle or embarrass another person; it includes, but is not limited to shouting, threatening, harassing, swearing, constant teasing, or obscene gesturing. Any instance of a situation perceived to be unsafe, threatening, violent or dangerous will be considered a violation of these rules.


The PKA protects children in its care from abuse and neglect. All PKA staff members are mandated reporters of any discovery of child abuse or neglect.


The PKA is not able to look after ill children. A child who is not well should not attend PKA. We follow MSAD 72 guidelines for sending students home. Please tell us if you have concerns about a child’s health.

1. A student with obvious signs of illness (extreme signs and symptoms of a head or chest cold; vomiting; fever, etc.) will be dismissed.

2. A student with no apparent signs of illness (complains of a headache or stomachache, etc., of short duration) will not be dismissed immediately. The student will be monitored and reassessed if necessary. Parents may be contacted for consultation.

3. If a student complains of an orthopedic injury (painful muscles, joints, or bones), the coordinator will make an assessment and determine whether dismissal is appropriate.

4. Accidents reports are required for any serious injury, and parents will be notified.


Parents may contact the PKA Staff directly during program hours by calling: 207-256-0068.

We do not check email during program hours.

You also call the Molly Ockett school's office phone at 207-935-2401 to leave a message during the school day.

You may email us at:

Faith Timberlake-Alves Email:      

Penny Richards  Email:

Documents may be

faxed to: 207-935-4470

or mailed to:

Molly Ockett School

Attention PKA

25 Molly Ockett Drive

Fryeburg, ME 04037