Forms to submit for PKA enrollment in Session #4 Marc & April 2020

Be sure to completely fill in your registration forms, marking both the days your child will attend as well as the activities you child would prefer on those days, the student's information, emergency contact information (including two different phone numbers where we can reach you during program hours) as well as the list of person's authorized to pick up your child. This information is required for the safety of your child. We require both page one and two for registration.
Please submit all registration and a separate application form for each child to PKA by the February 14th deadline to ensure enrollment for the first week of PKA. Students who's forms are submitted after the 14th will start the week after we receive their form, so please contact Faith directly to confirm your child's inclusion. Be sure to notify your school's Secretary of this change in your child's dismissal procedure. 
Please print your form from this link Session #4 Registration March & April 2020

All accounts must be paid in full before registering for a new session of PKA, applying for a scholarships, or applying for a barter.

Please print your Session #4 Registration form as a PDF, from either the link above or a link at the bottom of this page.

Registration PKA session #4 2019-20.docx

Please print your form from this link Session #4 Registration March & April 2020