Enrollment Forms

Program Application & Registration
 forms must be completed and submitted 
by the session's  registration deadline which appears on each form and is shown on our PKA Calendar.  

Dear Parents/Guardians,

PKA has two options for attendance, two day and full time.

One option is 2 days per week for one session for $100. 

You must select your two days when you register and students cannot be switched to other days. 

The second option is for full time with a $200 fee to cover the cost of the entire session which spans 6 to 8 weeks.  

The price is the same whether a student attends three, four or five days a week.

We offer several methods of payments to help working families budget for this, including paying in full with your registration, two monthly payments and five weekly payments. 


In addition, we have a co-op program whereby parents can volunteer for the after school program in lieu of payment.

In addition, we have a co-op program whereby parents can volunteer for the after school program in lieu of payment.  The co-op volunteering program has been expanded to include supporting your school and PTA association!  Please contact your school's administration or PTA  officers to discuss the most beneficial options.

There are many ways volunteers can help. Site coordinators will work with each parent to find the volunteering opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

Below are just a few ways that adults can volunteer.  

  • Support the existing program.

  • Plan, teach and provide materials for a student enrichment session.

  • Plan, teach and provide materials for a parent information session.

  • Assist during an PKA evening event.

  • Provide childcare for a parent event.

A student may attend PKA for one session full time, if an adult volunteers 16 hours during that session, and two days a week if an adult volunteers 8 hours.

Only parents are allowed to volunteer for current sessions. If parents fail to fulfill their barter agreement we will require the full payment of all appropriate fees.

It is required that anyone interested in participating in the co-op program has a discussion with the site coordinator a minimum of two weeks before the session starts and prior to filling out the application, as approval is contingent upon your proposal’s  feasibility, suitability and the current scheduling availability. All barter agreements must be approved before they are valid. All participants are required to document their time using PKA Barter Vouchers and have with participating staff sign these vouchers to  then return them to PKA staff to validate their hours to fulfill the requirements of their agreement.

Anyone wishing to donate their time so that another student may attend PKA is welcome to do so.  The donation of time must be completed in a session prior to the student attending.  Donation of time can occur over multiple sessions but will not be carried over into succeeding school years. Volunteers cannot “work off” past due bills for others.

There are Scholarships available but you must see your principal and Mark Schrader at the Molly Ockett School to apply.

How to submit your barter slip vouchers for PKA:

1) Print barter voucher slips, complete them and have them signed by the appropriate sign off person (i.e. PKA Coordinator, Principal or MSAD 72 staff of your school, PTA President or officer) and turn in the hard copies to a Coordinator at PKA.

2) Download barter voucher slips, write in the specifics of your barter  and send copies via e-mail to the appropriate sign off person (i.e. PKA Coordinator, Principal, PTA President), have them e-mail back toyou once approved(signed) , and then forward approval e-mail along with completed voucher slip attachments to: chelle.thibodeau@msad72.org or faith.timberlake-alves@msad72.org.

Emergency care for registered PKA students

In the event of an emergency,

if your child has been registered in PKA this school year

and if you receive approval from the PKA staff 24 hour in advance,

as well as notify your school of this change before 10:00 a.m. the day of attendance,

your child may attend PKA for an individual afternoon for a fee of $7.50 per afternoon.

Registering Late

It is possible to register for PKA after the sign up deadline. Your child will not  be able to start immediately as we will need time to update our records and ensure all school secretaries have been notified of the change.

Please complete a registration form for each child you wish to send, making sure you mark your preference for both the days they will attend and the activities they prefer. Some classes have size limits and may be unavailable.

You may send it to school and they will send it to me through inter-office mail, or you can expedite the process by bringing their completed forms to Molly Ockett.

Once we have entered all your child’s information and updated the school’s list we will then call or email you to let you know what day your child can start. Please supply accurate emails and phone numbers as they are essential for our communication.

Faith Timberlake-Alves,
Aug 26, 2016, 9:56 AM