About the PKA After School Program

PKA is an after school enrichment program which serves all three elementary schools in the MSAD 72 district. 
PKA is held at the Molly Ockett Elementary School in Fryeburg.  Each day PKA offers every student a healthy snack, academic support and a variety of enrichment activities. The program runs five, two month sessions through the school year. 
Registered students may select either any two weekdays or attend every day after school. Students must sign up for each session individually, selecting the days of the week they will attend as well as selecting from the variety of activities offered for each day. Some enrichment activities allow a limited number of student and admittance for such classes will be based upon a first come, first served basis. Sign up forms will be available from your school's newsletter as well as from this site. Transportation at the end of the school day from Brownfield-Denmark Elementary and New Suncook Elementary is provided to the Molly Ockett, however parents must pick up their children in a timely manner at Molly Ockett, no later than 5:30.  


The Pequawket Kids After-school Program offers after school enrichment activities and academic help for the three elementary schools (Brownfield-Denmark, New Suncook, and Molly Ockett) in MSAD 72 . The elementary PKA program is located at the Molly Ockett School and provides planned and supervised activities designed to meet the educational, social, and recreational needs of each student. We build upon existing skills while encouraging new interests. A supportive environment gives young people structure and freedom in which to learn about themselves, others, and the world around them.

Participants in PKA programs can choose among active and quiet activities that give them a chance to socialize, cooperate, and solve problems collaboratively. All programs focus on activities that reinforce academic skills. We strive to provide the best possible programs for students and their families. We address three primary areas: academics, health and wellness, and culture.


A fundamental goal of the PKA is to help children succeed academically. To accomplish this, PKA staff work with teachers, and educational technicians to provide academic support daily.

For younger children, much of the academic after school time is devoted to literacy and games that promote reading and basic mathematics. For older children, homework help  and a variety of enrichment activities with a focus on experiential learning including classes on the natural sciences with Tin Mountain Conservancy.

Health & Wellness

Each day we provide a nutritious snack and opportunities for physical play outside or in the gym—either free play or games in small or large groups. We also offer enrichment programs that take students outside to explore their environment and cooking classes for nutrition as well as math and science. Safety, honesty, respect, and responsibility are integral to all PKA activities.

Arts & Culture

We offer enrichment programs involving science, art, music, crafts, and theatre. We help young people develop competence, confidence, and appreciation of the variety of what they are able to discover and create. PKA participants explore stories, traditions, games, crafts, and food from different parts of the world. Tin Mountain Conservation Center present programs on natural sciences. Mountain Top Music Center works with PKA students to share the joy of making music, which also exercises their brains and engenders academic improvement.


All staff have been fingerprinted and have had their criminal history record checked.Our program coordinators bring unique talents; all share the ability to inspire kids to look beyond themselves to appreciate the world both in its breadth and its details, and share a commitment to creating a rewarding, exciting, and fun program that students will enjoy and parents will appreciate. Staff members are enthusiastic and well qualified to work with children and youth.